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What’s In The Air?

Vigon Adds Distillation Unit to Manufacturing Building

Always looking to raise the bar, Vigon recently purchased a new instrument from Velp Scientific to improve the efficiency and accuracy of testing the ethyl alcohol content of our products.
Many of Vigon’s flavor ingredients contain significant concentrations of ethyl alcohol, making them subject to review by a Federal agency, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). As such, Vigon is required to verify the alcohol content of our ingredients with the TTB on a batch by batch basis using an approved testing procedure.
This instrument will automatically perform the distillation process required to determine the ethyl alcohol content in our ingredients. Prior, the entire testing process took hours while now, the new unit can perform the distillation in 7-8 minutes, making the process exponentially more efficient as well as ensuring accuracy and repeatability.
Jacob Mattingly, one of our QC Lab Technicians is seen here operating the unit.
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