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What’s in the Air?

Serving Our Community

Vigon serves our community in many ways throughout the year. In November, several members of our team braved the cold all day to volunteer their time at the at East Stroudsburg Salvation Army. Mark Hajdasz initiated the event and was joined by Jerry Grafal, Stephanie Pinho, Manny Martinez, Mike Loughlin, and Nicolette DeSouza.

This enthusiastic group showed up early on a frosty morning to pack up hams, turkeys, fresh produce, canned goods and more. By mid morning the families began lining up in their cars to proceed through the pickup area. Our team loaded their trunks full of food-everyone got enough to feed their family several healthy holiday meals. The drive-through event lasted several hours-it was an efficient way to make a big impact in the lives of many deserving people.