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Tag: Warm

Cedarwood Oil Texas

Item#: 501090 CAS: 68990-85-0 Odor Strength: Medium Odor Description: Cedar, Woody, Dry, Clean, Balsamic, Powdery Texas cedarwood oil is a naturally occurring essential…

Vetiver Oil Haiti

Item#: 504190 CAS: 8016-96-4 Odor Strength: Medium Odor Description: Woody, Earthy, Rooty, Balsam, Amber, Peppery, Slightly Floral, Grapefruit-like undertone Vetiver oil extracted from…

Celery Seed Oil

Item#: 501007 CAS: MIXTURE Odor Strength: Medium Odor: peppery, earthy, fresh Celery is a popular side while munching on wings and makes a…

Tea Tree Oil Australia 100% Pure

Item#: 507522 CAS: 68647-73-4 FEMA: 3902 Odor: Spicy, Pine, Terpenic, Warm Tea Tree oil Australian 100% Pure is an aromatherapy-grade oil, imported directly from the source in Australia….