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Vigon’s Office365 migration is complete. All Vigon Office365 systems are online. You may now sign in using your new Office365 credentials.



This weekend (8/5 – 8/7) we will integrate Vigon’s Office 365 environment with Azelis.  The Office 365 programs – Vigon email, Intranet, Address Book, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive will be impacted.  After the integration is complete, we will be fully connected with the rest of the Azelis team.  New functionality will include but not be limited to being able to share calendars and address books and provide the Vigon team with easier access to Interact.

The integration into the Azelis environment and the migration of data will start on Friday 8/5 at 10 pm and is scheduled to complete on Sunday 8/7 at 5 pm.

What does this mean for me?

  • ALL Office365 services will be unavailable from 10 pm on Friday 8/5 through Sunday 8/7 at 5 pm due to the migration of data. Emails will still be received by the mail server and will be available to read once the migration is complete.  Any attempt to sign into Office365 like the Vigon Intranet, Vigon web-mail, Outlook, Teams, etc. will fail and not go through until the migration is complete.
  • Your Vigon email (Office365) credentials WILL change. Your old email password will no longer work.  Your Office365 credentials will be tied to your Vigon computer password. Any change to your computer password will automatically flow up to Office365 (Vigon Email/Intranet/etc.)
  • All Office365 sign-ins must be “authenticated” with the Microsoft Authenticator app as a two-factor step.  For all floor users: You will be excluded from this step when logging-in from within Vigon.
  • Any Azelis accounts you previously had where you used will be changed to  This includes Workday, Interact, Cronos, etc.
  • Personal PC users will have to log back into all Office apps. This includes Outlook, OneDrive, and Teams.
  • The Sophos code WILL NOT be used with your VPN login once the migration is started. Only your Vigon computer username & password will be needed to sign onto the VPN.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: The Vigon VPN will require to be reconfigured before you can connect remotely. Please reach out to IT to assist you in this to remote into Vigon. If you are able to come into the office tomorrow, Monday 8/8, we can setup your VPN access on-site.

Note:  Your credentials to log into your computer will not change.

Full Details and Instructions

There are multiple steps needed beforehand by users as well as steps after the migration outlined in the document. The Word document has chapters for navigation with each section.  Please read through and let me know if you have any questions or concerns leading up to the migration. I’ll be sending out updates throughout the week next week and updating the instructions and information for the switchover.


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