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We value sustainable, responsible business practices
and continue to develop our processes in ways that
reduce resource consumption and waste.

Keeping water
conservation a
top priority

Reducing our environmental footprint

We continue to implement new methods to use water more efficiently,
as the reduction of water usage not only improves the efficiency of
our manufacturing processes, but also reduces yielded waste water.

Vigon's commitment

A Message from Vigon’s President

We at Vigon have a mission to create value for our customers, suppliers, employees, the community in which we reside, and the world at large. After 30 years, we are extremely proud of our track record on all fronts of how we have managed this mission.

But the challenges to do better yet are before us. Today, due to global factors, the need for sustainable business practices are increasingly urgent. Throughout its history, Vigon has been committed to working safely, improving the living standards and well-being of our team, minimizing waste, and conserving energy. Like all challenges, we welcome the opportunity to continue to raise the bar and to be the best we can be in an ever-changing world.

From developing processes to reduce resource usage and waste, encouraging healthy habits with incentives for our team, or giving back to the community via our Vigon Cares local charity program, Vigon has always worked to do its part in making a better world. But now we are pledging to take this accountability to the next step, beginning the process of systematically measuring and reducing the carbon footprint of our organization.

As we look to the future, Vigon will continue on with its mission and thrive as we always have by continuing responsible, accountable, and transparent practices. So as to continue to create sustainable and enduring value, we must devote ourselves to protecting the health, welfare, and socio-economic development of our team and community. The challenge lies before all of us to do the same.

As we say at Vigon, YIPPPEEE! We make it happen together. Here’s to a safer, cleaner, and better world.

Steve Somers
President, Vigon International

Owner and President of Vigon, Steve Somer, addresses the company’s commitment to valuing sustainable business practices

Key areas of focus

  • Electricity usage

    Electricity usage is one of the main focuses of Vigon’s recent
    sustainability push. As an energy source with one of the smallest
    carbon footprints, we have developed plans to gravitate our existing equipment along with a commitment to future investments to be powered by electricity. In anticipation of this, Vigon made a significant investment to upgrade the capacity and distribution of our electric across our campus.

    We are also aggressively upgrading existing equipment to the most energy
    efficient, and continually implementing new green-friendly
    technology. Vigon is also proud to be 100% renewable, offset with
    renewable energy certificates

    • All lights in the newly renovated Administration building have been
      converted to energy saving LED. The majority of Vigon facility
      lighting is also now LED.
    • Cooling towers used in production are being converted from air
      cooler to glycol cooling towers; which will be more energy efficient, stable
      and allow for higher capacity.
    • All forklifts and warehouse vehicles are electric, and we have two EV chargers available for free use by employees and visitors


  • Water usage

    Water is a primary resource used in many facets of Vigon’s
    manufacturing processes. It is also a scarce resource often
    overshadowed by energy concerns.

    The importance of using water efficiently has become a growing priority,
    as it can reduce Vigon’s environmental footprint. The reduction of water usage not only improves the
    efficiency of the manufacturing processes where it is used, but also
    reduces yielded waste water.

    • In our restrooms, we have replaced conventional fixtures with
      waterless versions, saving in excess of 80,000 gallons of water annually.


  • Natural Gas usage

    After an analysis of Vigon’s use of oil for heat and manufacturing process steam creation, in conjunction with the State of Pennsylvania, the company made an investment in 2015 to switch all of its boilers and equipment to exclusively use natural gas, resulting in both cost and usage efficiencies. While still debated by some, natural gas is a cleaner burning and currently more affordable resource compared to oil, releasing fewer CO2 emissions according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

    Sourced domestically through American shale, there are quite a few benefits that natural gas has provided to Vigon. As opposed to the regular delivery of oil via trucks, natural gas is supplied through a pipeline, lowering the carbon footprint. The risk of leaking oil tanks or other pieces of the oil infrastructure is also mitigated. To reduce our usage of natural gas, we are always looking for ways to use the resource more efficiently, as well as alternative energy sources to supplement the natural gas usage.

    • A new, more efficient natural gas emergency backup generator
      will replace our current propane generator, and will help to
      power the Administration building as well as Manufacturing.
    • The Manufacturing HVAC is undergoing an update which includes
      a new burner for efficient heating and cooling, as well as more
      frequent air change.


  • Waste Production

    Waste production is a concern for all companies who prioritize their impact on the environment, and as a manufacturing company, it is a top focus. On top of doing the expected duties of regular waste sorting and recycling, Vigon works to go above and beyond.

    We will be implementing a new waste water management system for our process waste water which will incinerate the water, creating steam and reducing any solids present into a low volume of ash. This would turn our bi-weekly tanker haul of waste water into steam and a small quantity of non-hazardous ash per year!

    • In our restrooms, high efficiency Dyson Air-Blade hand dryers have replaced paper towel dispensers, eliminating paper waste and reducing related CO2 emissions by 76%.


Sustainability report

Below, you can read our first Sustainability Report. It provides a high level summary of Vigon’s efforts, accomplishments, and goals in regards to minimizing environmental impact.