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Valerian Root Oil

Item#509199   CAS: 8008-88-6   FEMA: 3100

Odor Strength: Medium
Odor Description: Fresh, green, warm, woody, balsam, rooty, animal musk
Taste Description: Valerian root, overripe fruit, animal musk

Valerian root oil is derived from the roots of the striking Valeriana officinalis.  The aroma of valerian root oil is used to create earthy, musky formulations.  It is also often used to create tobacco and root beer flavorings.

Valerian is native to Europe and Asia, and is commonly grown across Europe, North America, and Asia.  The perennial’s root is typically harvested in early Autumn.  The roots and rhizomes (lateral growing roots) must be carefully dug out of the ground, usually by hand.

Valerian root is extracted using steam distillation.  The pulverized roots and rhizomes are placed in a chamber with pressurized steam.  The steam releases the aroma compounds trapped inside of the plant material, and allows them to evaporate with the steam.  The steam is condensed to water as it passes through a cooling chamber.  The valerian root oil floats to the top of the chamber and is separated from the water.  The resulting oil is a deep olive green or brownish color.  Valerian root oil is rich compounds such as alpha pinene, camphene, and isovaleric acid.

Valerian root oil smells woody, balsamic, and slightly green.  It is valued for its unique aroma, which blends well with patchouli, oakmoss, and costus to create musky chypre formulations.  Perfumers also pair the oil with citrus and aromatics like lavender and cedarwood, for more herbal scents.

In commercial flavoring, valerian root oil is used in the production of various flavors.  It is used to create tobacco, root beer, and fruit flavorings.  Sometimes, the oil is even combined with hops to flavor beer.

In aromatherapy, valerian root oil is best known as a powerful sleep aid.  It is also thought to help quell anxiety and soothe cramping.

Vigon’s Valerian Root Oil

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