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Tag: Cinnamon

Cassia Oil Natural

Item#: 500454 CAS: 8007-80-5 Odor Strength: Medium Odor Description: Spicy, Alehydic, Woody, Resinous, Honey, Gourmand, Powdery Taste Description: Spicy, Sweet, Aromatic, Aldehydic, Honey,…

Tea Tree Oil Australia 100% Pure

Item#: 507522 CAS: 68647-73-4 FEMA: 3902 Odor: Spicy, Pine, Terpenic, Warm Tea Tree oil Australian 100% Pure is an aromatherapy-grade oil, imported directly from the source in Australia….

Cinnamon Leaf Oil Ceylon

Item#: 500077 CAS: 8015-91-6 FEMA: 2292 Odor: Spicy, Deep, Woody, Clove Cinnamon leaf oil has a very warm and spicy fragrance, that is usually described as being reminiscent…

Cinnamon Bark Oil

The bark of Cinnamon trees are collected in Sri Lanka. Its essential oil is yellow, warm, fruity, sweet and spicy. In fragrances, cinnamon bark…