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Caraway Oil Natural

Item#: 500054 CAS: 8000-42-8 FEMA: 2238
Odor Strength: Medium
Odor Description: Fresh, Herbal, Spicy, Minty, Rye, Seedy, Carrot, Carvone, Balsamic
Taste Description: Herbal, Spicy, Savory, Minty, Balsamic, Carrot, Carvone

Caraway is a carrot-like plant with finely divided, feathery leaves. The plant is native to Western Asia, Europe, and North America, where it is also known as Meridian fennel and Persian cumin. The caraway fruit, often wrongly referred to as ‘seeds’ have a pungent anise-like flavor and aroma from the presence of carvone, limonene, and anethole. Most recognized as the flavor of rye bread. The oil is a product of crushing and distilling the fruit at the perfect ripeness to ensure a lower concentration of limonene, resulting in higher quality and better-tasting oil.

Caraway oil finds an appropriate home in the culinary and flavoring industries, especially in the flavoring of cheeses, meats, certain types of bread, as well as some medications. While these uses are widely understood throughout many cultures, caraway also boasts some benefits outside the kitchen.

When used through inhalation or topical applications, caraway oil has stress-relieving and warming qualities, helping to alleviate both emotional and mental fatigue. As a powerful expectorant, it can help to clear fluids and mucus from the respiratory system and provoke the coughing necessary to remove them from the body, resulting in the easing of associated symptoms. Caraway also promotes the regeneration of tissue and, when used on the skin, can clear infections in the form of acne and soothe itching and otherwise inflamed skin. When ingested from medicinal purposes, caraway oil can support a healthy heart by maintaining a healthy heartbeat, lowering cholesterol, and preventing the hardening of veins and arteries. It can also ease urinary based symptoms by working as a diuretic and fight internal or external infections.

While there is not much risk for irritation when used neat, as with any essential oil, it is not advisable to use caraway undiluted. Please be sure to select a safe carrier and dilute the oil appropriately to avoid any possible irritation.

Fun Fact: When mixed with peppermint oil, caraway can be as effective at treating indigestion as an over the counter product.

Caraway Oil Natural


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