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Vigon’s laurel leaf oil for use in fresh, strong, sweet, camphor or spicy odor applications

Laurel Leaf Oil

Item#: 504076  CAS: 8002-41-3

Odor: Fresh, Strong, Sweet, Camphor, Spicy

Laurel Leaf Oil is extract from the leaf of the laurel tree, an evergreen tree with star-shaped flowers, black berries, and powerfully aromatic leaves. The essential oil has a herbaceous and woody fragrance, that is said to be reminiscent of eucalyptus. It works as a successful antiseptic for the respiratory system when inhaled. Laurel Leaf oil blends well with bergamont, cedar-wood, lemon, rosemary and patchouli. It can add a pleasant spicy note to any fragrance.

Fun Fact!

Also known as sweet bay, laurel leaf oil has been used in the Mediterranean region and Asia minor for thousands of years!!

Vigon’s Laurel Leaf Oil

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