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Ethyl 2,4 – Decadienoate (Pear Ester)

Item#: 501573  CAS: 3025-30-7
Odor Strength: High
Odor: Green, Waxy, Pear, Vegetable, Fruity, Tropical

Ethyl Decadienoate (Pear Ester) is an intense flavor and aroma compound used in the flavor and fragrance industries due to its green and pear-like taste and odor. Ethyl decadienoate is naturally occurring in apples, certain types of pears and grapes, beets, and quince. Due to its extremely intense juicy and sweet aroma, it makes a great addition to any fruity red, fruity yellow, or tropical applications in flavors, as well as alcoholic and cosmetic floral/fruity fragrances.


Ethyl 2,4-Decadienoate (Pear Ester)


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