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Palmarosa Oil India

Item#: 504131  CAS: 8014-19-5  FEMA: 2831

Odor: Sweet, Grassy, Citrus, Rosy Floral

This sweet smelling rose-like oil is steam distilled from the Cymbopogon martinii grass, also known as palmarosa (palm rose). It is widely used for perfumes and cosmetics due to the beautiful scent. The scent also allows palmarosa oil to be used in aromatherapy, it is proven to calm the mind while also having an uplifting effect. When ingested the oil can help aid in digestion and clear intestinal infections.

Fun Fact!

Due to the oil’s anti-fungal properties it can be used successfully to eradicate black mold and moldy soil!

Vigon’s Palmarosa Oil

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