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Tagetes Oil

Item#: 504279 CAS: 8014-84-0 FEMA: 3040
Odor Strength: Medium
Odor Description: Rancid, Ketonic, Green, Herbal, Fruity
Taste Description: Fruity, Tropical, Juicy, Green, Citrus, Plum skin

Tagetes essential oil is steam distilled from the flowers of the Tagetes Minuta. This perennial herb grows all across the temperate grasslands and mountains of the southern part of South America and is more commonly known as the Marigold. Tagetes oil has a very warm, sweet, and ketonic aroma with green apple-like undertones that, despite its unique pungent quality, is used extensively in French perfumes. Tagetes Oil is about 47% Ketones creating the uniquely strong quality that blends well in citrus, floral, and spicy applications creating a top note that packs a serious punch. Although the aroma can sometimes be described as rancid by those who don’t favor its strength and pungency, its application in flavors is quite different. It is often used to create pleasantly fruity flavors for beverages or tobacco products.

Tagetes is an ancient plant that has been used for millennia for its medicinal benefits; today, it is used in Aromatherapy practices around the world. When applied topically, Tagetes’ antifungal and antibiotic qualities make it useful in treating various types of skin ailments like athlete’s foot and corns, as well as many others. Its antiseptic properties are helpful to promote healthy healing and reducing the chances of infection and sepsis from cuts and abrasions. Tagetes is also known as a vegetable plant companion as the oil is lethal to most insects and can protect valuable plants from being attacked. Tagetes oil used in the home can help to clear out fleas, nits, and other “no-see” pests.

Fun Fact: In some countries, Tagetes Minuta is classified as an invasive weed.

Vigon’s Tagetes Oil

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