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Almond Oil Bitter

Item#: 505013  CAS: 8013-76-1  FEMA: 2046
Odor Strength: High
Odor Description: Almond, Bitter, Cherry, Fruity, Sweet, Powdery

Bitter almond oil is an essential oil, while its cousin, sweet almond oil, is known as a fixed oil. The difference being that sweet almond is generally cold-pressed to create a base or carrier oil (oil in the conventional sense of the word). Bitter almond is distilled to capture more of the essence of the fruit and generally used for its excellent flavor and fragrance properties.

The strength of the flavor and fragrance character lends bitter almond oil to be the perfect component for applications where a strong almond flavor is needed, for example, in marzipan, hard candies, pastries, alcoholic drinks, etc. Bitter almonds are also extremely high in natural Benzaldehyde, making the raw material of the bitter almonds the choice source for the widely used, cherry-scented compound. Extracting the Benzaldehyde proves to be a tricky undertaking, as with the Amygdalin (which degrades into Benzaldehyde) a highly poisonous compound, Hydrogen Cyanide, is also found and must be fully neutralized before the oil is considered “food-grade.”

In fragrance applications, due to the complexity of the almond aroma, bitter almond is used in various types of fragrances, most commonly either warm or fruity types. When focusing on the gourmand almond aroma, bitter almond oil pairs well with vanilla, coconut, or tonka to create warmth and a sense of security in a fragrance formulation. To enhance the fruity cherry aspect of the aroma, bitter almond pairs well with jasmine or pink grapefruit to create a bright and full-bodied formulation.

Fun Fact :
From a botanical point of view, almonds are considered a stone fruit related to the cherry, plum, and peach. However, in a culinary sense, almonds are considered a nut.


Almond Oil Bitter


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