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Vigon’s anisyl acetate natural products for use in sweet, fruity, creamy, powdery or vanilla odor applications

Anisyl Acetate Natural

Item#: 504678  CAS: 104-21-2  FEMA: 2098

Odor: Sweet, Fruity, Creamy, Powdery, Vanilla

Taste: Sweet, Fruity, Cherry with an Anise note

Anisyl Acetate Natural is a colorless to pale yellow clear liquid that is sweet and fruity in both taste and odor. It is generally used as a modifier in floral, fruity and oriental fragrances where it adds sweetness and a natural effect. It can also used in cosmetic and household products to modify fruity and sweet-flowery compositions.

Fun Fact!

Anisyl Acetate Natural blends well with oriental and chypre fragrance, as well as blackcurrant, cherry, cocoa, and licorice flavors.

Vigon’s Anisyl Acetate Natural 

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