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Davana Oil

Item#: 500105  CAS: 8016-03-3
Odor Strength: Medium
Odor: Tropical, berry-like, fruity

Davana oil is held at a high value and admiration due to its unique fragrance. The oils odor is tropical, berry-like, sweet and fruity. Davana’s scent varies depending on a person’s skin and is used in luxurious perfumes. It’s also used as a flavor additive in baked goods, beverages and tobacco products. Davana oil possesses many medicinal properties. This essential oil protects the body from viruses. It uses proteins that breaks down the protective covering on viruses, killing them. Davana also contains healing properties by fighting bacteria both internally and externally. It can promote healing for open wounds and fight infections in areas such as the kidneys and urinary tracts. Like many essential oils, Davana eases breathing, congestion and coughing.

Fun Fact!
Davana was used in traditional Indian medicine and religious practices.

Davana Oil

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