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Vigon’s dodecalactone with odors for fresh, peach, apricot and creamy applications

Dodecalactone Delta Natural

Item#: 504316  CAS: 713-95-1  FEMA: 2401

Odor: Fresh, Peach, Apricot, Creamy

Dodecalactone Delta Natural has a very buttery and creamy quality to the odor. It is generally used for creating a subtle cream note to soften harsh vanilla or peachy scents. It has a flavor that can be compared to fresh butter, it is commonly used with coconut, butter, cream, vanilla or other fruit flavors.

Fun Fact!

Dodecalactone Delta Natural can be extracted in a number of different ways! A few examples are; condensation, dehydration and hydrogenation.

Vigon’s Dodecalactone Delta Natural

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