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Maple Furanone Natural

Item#: 507999 CAS: 698-10-2 FEMA: 3153

Odor Strength: Very Strong
Odor: Caramellic, Maple, Sweet, Fruity, Fenugreek
Flavor: Sweet, Fruity. Brown Sugar, Nutty, Caramellic

Maple Furanone, also known as Ethyl Fenugreek Lactone, is a powerful and potent flavoring compound. The taste and odor mimic that of sweet maple syrup and caramel. When used in food it is extraordinarily successful when paired with sweet brown flavors such as chocolate, caramel, maple, coffee, vanilla, and butterscotch. It can also be found used in conjunction with certain smoked flavors, most often with various meats. This compound, when used in fragrance, is exceptionally long-lasting and needs to be paired with equally tenacious and strong odored partners to meet its full potential.

Other Maple Furanone products include ;

Maple Furanone Natural 1% in PG
Maple Furanone Natural 10% in Triacetin
Maple Furanone (5-Ethyl 3-Hydroxy 4-Methyl Furanone)
Maple Furanone 50% in Triethyl Citrate


Fun Fact!

When in higher concentrations, this compound is reported to have an odor similar to curry or fenugreek – it is as it is gradually diluted that the odor begins to mimic that of caramel and maple. For some individuals, however, the fenugreek smell lingers even in the diluted form.

Vigon’s Maple Furanone Natural

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