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Peanut CO2 Extract

ITEMS#: 503644 & 503656

Our Peanut CO2 Extract is extracted from… you guessed it, peanuts, via a low temperature “supercritical” fluid extraction. This “supercritical” fluid is C02 which is compressed at 3800 psi, where it is in between a liquid and gaseous state. The extraction results in a very concentrated product perfect for use in a variety of flavor and food applications.

We know that you’ll love the cost effectiveness and diversity of our Peanut CO2 extracts, and we encourage you to request a sample of one or more of our CO2 offerings to see for your self!

Peanut CO2 Extract WONF (Water Soluble)
Peanut CO2 Extract (Oil Soluble)

If you are interested in seeing a sample, placing an order, or would just like more information about this product, please email Marietta Zino at or call 570-422-6022.