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Strawberry Furanone Natural

Item#: 500866 CAS: 3658-77-3  FEMA: 3174

Odor Strength: High
Odor Description: Sweet, strawberry, cotton candy, caramellic, burnt, brown
Taste Description: Sweet, fruity, caramellic

Strawberry furanone is an organic compound that can be used to impart signature fruitiness in both fragrance and flavor applications.  Though furanone naturally occurs in strawberries, it is most cost effective to produce the molecule either synthetically or through natural biotech processes.  After processing, white powder is ready to use in flavor and fragrance applications.  The scent of strawberries is featured in fan favorite perfumes such as Marc Jacob’s Daisy and Dior’s Miss Dior Cherie.

In fragrance, strawberry furanone smells burnt and caramel-like in high concentrations, which can be overwhelming and unpleasant.  However, when diluted strawberry furanone has a fruity sweet aroma that pairs well with tonka bean, vanilla, and rose.  Perfumers use it to create fruity florals and the occasional powdery floral accords.

In flavors, strawberry furanone is soluble in water and organic solvents, and can thus flavor a variety of food products.  Ice cream, candy, beverages, and pastries are just a few goods that can be flavored with the ingredient.  Surprisingly, strawberry furanone can also be used in savory flavors- when used correctly it brings “brown” caramelized notes to flavor blends.

Vigon’s Strawberry Furanone Natural

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