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Vigon’s balsam resinoid with odors for balsamic, vanilla, woody or powdery applications

Balsam Peru Resinoid

Item#: 504061  CAS: 8007-00-9  FEMA: 2116

Odor: Balsamic, Vanilla, Woody, Powdery

Balsam Peru Resinoid is the essential oil that is extract from the crude balsam, also known as balsam absolute. Peru Balsam is characterized by its distinct balsamic and vanilla notes. It is often used in the flavor and fragrance industry to create traditional vanilla scents and flavors. Balsam Peru can add a particularly warm and pleasant character to any product.

Balsam Peru blends well with patchouli, sandalwood, rose, and ylang ylang.

Fun Fact!

The crude balsam is collected by hand from the monumental Balsam tree (Myroxylon Pereirae). Collectors will scale these large trees to incise the trunk, they then heat the incisions with an open flame torch to promote resin production. Strips of cloth are then applied to the wounds in the tree bark and left for a couple of weeks. After being collected the cloths are boiled to release the resin, the water and resin are then separated and the collector is left with the crude balsam.

Vigon’s Peru Balsam Resinoid 

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