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Bisabolol is also known as levomenol and carries a sweet floral aroma that is utilized within the fragrance industry

Bisabolol Alpha

Item#: 504151  CAS: 515-69-5
Odor Strength: Low
Odor: Floral, Clean, Peppery, Slightly Woody

Bisabolol Alpha is a monocyclic unsaturated sesquiterpene that has many uses in the fragrance, cosmetic, and alternative medicine industries. Bisabolol Alpha has been known to show anti-inflammatory, wound healing, anti-mycotic and antibacterial properties. These properties, along with the fact that it is naturally soothing, make it a popular additive to skin care products. When used it can protect even sensitive skin from typical stressors such as; shaving and depilation, as well as, the effects of extended sun exposure. Due to Bisabolol Alpha’s low odor strength and powerful fixative abilities, it has the potential to be a successful addition to a variety of different scent profiles.

Bisabolol Alpha provides a synergistic effect that strengthens the medicinal value of other terpenes. This unique property makes it an attractive addition to many medical cannabis formulations to increase their benefits.

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Fun Fact!
Bisabolol Alpha can contribute to the soothing/calming effects of cannabis.

Vigon’s Bisabolol Alpha

Vigon’s Bisabolol Alpha Natural 

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