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Vigon’s borneol natural products for use in odor applications involving woody, camphor, balsamic, fresh or minty scents

Borneol Natural

Item#: 508118  CAS: 507-70-0  FEMA: 2157

Odor: Woody, Camphor, Balsamic, Fresh, Minty

Borneol Natural is an amorphous to fine white powder to crystals, that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for decades. It has a cleansing and uplifting odor, and can be used in small amounts to add notes of freshness. Borneol can be obtained from many different plant species that are found in Southeast Asia and Borneo, but most commonly is collected from camphor. It has been said that it has a strong, bitter, and slightly cooling flavor.

Fun Fact!

Borneol can be found naturally through cracks in the trunks and under the bark of camphor trees!

Vigon’s Borneol Natural 

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