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Celery Seed Oil

Item#501007   CAS: Mixture

Odor Strength: High
Odor Description: Aromatic, spicy, sweet, green, fresh, herbal, balsamic, phenolic
Taste Description: Spicy, green, fresh, herbal, balsamic, phenolic, cortex

Celery is commonly known to be a staple vegetable in the kitchen.  Many savory dishes begin with the trinity of celery, carrots, and onion.  Despite its popularity in the culinary arts and the flavor industry, it is actually used in perfumery and fragrance in the form of celery seed oil.  Some examples of formulations that feature celery seed oil are Tom Ford Costa Azzura and Elizabeth Arden Green Tea.

Celery, Apium graveolens, is thought to be native to the Mediterranean, but the vegetable can be grown across the world in moderately cool climates with less sun.  It takes about two years for celery plants to produce seeds. The seeds are ready to harvest when they begin to turn brown and are harvested by hand.  After harvest, seeds are dried and pulverized to prepare for essential oil production.

Celery seed oil is produced via steam distillation.  As the steam comes in contact with the celery seeds, it releases the aroma compounds they contain to evaporate.  Then, this vapor is condensed through a cooling chamber.  As the steam condenses to water, the oil decants and floats to the top and can easily be skimmed off.  The resulting ultra-pure essential oil contains important compounds such as selinene and limonene.

Celery seed oil is best suited for perfumery in minute quantities.  Earthier and warmer than fresh celery,  yet sweet and herbal.  It is used to balance to lavender based “bouquet” formulations.  Celery seed oil is used with floral fragrances to compliment sweetness and add spicy, earthy, notes.

In flavoring, celery seed oil is used in a variety of goods.  It tastes vegetal, warm, and sometimes slightly spicy.  The oil is used in pickling and brines, and in a variety of canned goods. Celery seed oil is also used in a variety of spice blends and marinades.

Celery seed oil is commonly used in aromatherapy.  The oil is used to aid in digestion, promote nervous system health, and relieve stress.  It is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurvedic practices.

Vigon’s Celery Seed Oil

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