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Chamomile Oil Blue Egypt 100% Pure

Item#: 504033  CAS: 8002-66-2   FEMA: 2273

Odor Strength: Medium
Odor Description: Herbal, phenolic, balsamic, woody
Taste Description: Chamomile

Many are familiar with chamomile tea, but few know the floral’s versatility as a pure extract in the flavor and fragrance industry. The deep blue oil is a key ingredient in everything from perfumes to artisanal cocktails.

The two main varieties of chamomile are Roman and Blue Chamomile, also known as German Chamomile.  Both varieties bloom throughout the summer, but only Roman chamomile is a perennial.  The most notable difference between the two is the aroma; Roman chamomile has an apple-like, fresh fragrance and Blue Chamomile has a scent more akin to sweet hay.  The ideal time to harvest the dainty botanical is early is the morning, after dew is evaporated but before the sun is fully shining.  Chamomile flowers, which resemble daisies, are ready to harvest when the petals begin to open away from the yellow center of the bloom.

Chamomile Oil Blue Egypt is extracted using steam distillation.  Pressurized steam releases aroma compounds trapped in the chamomile flowers and allows them to evaporate with the steam.  This is a fickle process- the steam must be hot enough to extract the valuable fragrance compounds, but cold enough that it does not damage them.  The steam then passes through a cooling chamber; which condenses the steam to water.  Since essential oil is less dense than water, the indigo colored extract floats to the top of the chamber and can then be lightly skimmed off.

Chamomile Oil Blue Egypt has a balsamic, herbal, almost sweet grassy scent that is known for its long lasting base notes. Perfumers often pair chamomile with lavender, cypress, and musk to formulate woodsy, rustic scents.  When paired with neroli, bergamot, and jasmine; chamomile rounds out warm, spicy florals.

In flavor applications, chamomile is paired with citrus and honey and is used in beverages, pastries, and candies.  In recent years, culinary use of chamomile has extended much further than just tea and is trending in alcoholic beverages and ice cream.

Chamomile essential oil is esteemed for its ability to quell stress and anxiety.  It can also promote blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and improve skin complexion.   Chamomile’s many benefits are due to the precious molecules it contains.  Chamazulene, a terpene, is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and gives chamomile oil its distinct blue hue.  Bisabolol, farnesene, and quercetin are just a few of the numerous antioxidants chamomile contains.  These antioxidants have anti-aging effects when used on the skin; and can also diminish toxins and cancer-causing free radical cells.  Thujone, alpha pinene, and beta-pinene are monoterpenes present in chamomile oil that have been proven to improve cognitive function and reduce stress.


Vigon’s Chamomile Oil Blue Egypt 100% Pure

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