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Vigon’s cinnamon leaf oil for use in spicy, deep, woody or clove odor applications

Cinnamon Leaf Oil Ceylon

Item#: 500077  CAS: 8015-91-6  FEMA: 2292

Odor: Spicy, Deep, Woody, Clove

Cinnamon leaf oil has a very warm and spicy fragrance, that is usually described as being reminiscent more of clove, than the traditional cinnamon bark fragrance. It is a rich yellow color and is produced by steam distilling the leaves and twigs of the cinnamon tree. It can be used in many different types of fragrances to enhance the scents of other oils. When used for aromatherapy purposes, cinnamon leaf oil can be used to reduce drowsiness, relax tight muscles, ease painful joints and relieve menstrual cramps.

Cinnamon Leaf Oil Ceylon blends well with clove, citrus, rosemary and lavender.

Fun Fact!

Close to all of the world’s cinnamon crop is cultivated and processed in Sri Lanka!

Vigon’s Cinnamon Leaf Oil Ceylon

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