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Cocoa Extract Natural

ITEM #: 503471 CAS #: 8002-31-1 FEMA #: N/A

Odor Strength: Medium
Odor Description: Roasty, bean, cocoa, bitter, rich
Taste Description: Bitter, rich, powdery, brown, cocoa

Cocoa extract is a beloved ingredient in a vast variety of foods. Surprisingly, it is formulated in gourmand designer perfumes such as Thierry Mugler Angel, Guerlain Gourmand Coquin, Dior Feve Delicieuse, and Atelier Materi – Cacao Porcelana.

Cocoa extract is a derivative of the cacao bean, the fruit of the Theobroma cacao. Cacao trees are native to the Amazonian and Orinoco river basin regions, and grow well as an equatorial crop. Now, the ingredient is grown commercially mainly in plantations in Western Africa, but also found in Asia and South America. 95% of the global production is from the preferred Forastero variety, while Criollo and Trinitario remain niche crops. It takes about four years for cacao trees to bear fruit. Trees are planted beside rubber or banana trees to protect them from harsh winds and excessive sun. The cocoa pods, shaped like a small football, contain the precious cocoa beans. The pods are harvested by hand, using long tools that harvest the fruit without harming the tree. Raw beans are then removed from the pods, cleaned, fermented and dried. Roasting is the most important and artful step to develop the aroma character of cocoa. The craft of roasting includes a careful control of temperature and temperature curve over time, and moisture control. The purpose of this roasting process is to reduce acetic acid (making the cocoa less acidic and milder), or reducing tannins (to make cocoa less astringent and smoother) and produce maillard reactions (to enhance new complex brown aromas).

By carefully pairing certain fermentation levels and geographic origins with specific roasting parameters, extraction companies select the aroma profile they desire. In addition, the further processing of beans affords to pick either cocoa powder or nibs for extraction – nibs being typically more cost effective. Some processors can even extract the aroma from cocoa shells. Multiple solvents can extract aroma compounds from cocoa shells, nibs, or powder, alcohol being the most common. Overall, many processes have been developed to extract the aroma from cocoa: infusion, solvent extraction, supercritical CO2, and molecular distillation – all serving specific solubility, taste, odor, and color needs of perfumers and flavorists.

Cocoa extract is perfect in food flavors for chocolate applications where a true-to-the-fruit cocoa aroma is demanded. It is perfect for ice creams, alcoholic beverages, baking mixes, nutritional beverages, and confectionary bars or candies. Due to its solubility, cocoa extract is incredibly versatile.

Perfumers build gourmand cocoa accords with with vanilla, Tonka bean, orange peel, honey, and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg for luxurious gourmand scents. Chocolate fragrances, such as in candles, often have a warm and seductive aroma that many find perfect for cold winter months.

Vigon’s Cocoa Extract Natural

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