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Estragon (Tarragon) Oil

Item#: 500120  CAS: 8016-88-4  FEMA: 2412

Odor: Sweet,Spicy, Woody, Anise

Estragon (Tarragon) oil is an essential oil that is distilled from the perennial herb, Atremisia dracunculus/ estragon. It is believed the perennial earned its name from the Arabic word “Tharkhoum” and the Latin word “Dracunculus” meaning “little dragon”  because of how the root systems coil up like a dragon. It is often used for perfumes and colognes due to its sweet and slightly spicy scent. Tarragon oil also has a stimulating effect on appetite and slow digestive systems. It can be used to help cure anorexia, flatulence, hiccups, and nervous indigestion.

Fun Fact!

Tarragon was used by Ancient Greeks to soothe toothaches!

Vigon’s Estragon (Tarragon) Oil

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