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Vigon’s eucalyptol fcc for use in minty, cooling, medicinal, clean or herbal flavoring applications

Eucalyptol FCC

Item#: 500151  CAS: 470-82-6  FEMA: 2465

Odor Strength: Strong
Odor: Minty, Cooling, Camphoreus, Medicinal
Flavor: Minty, Cooling, Medicinal, Clean, Herbal

Eucalyptol is a naturally occurring colorless liquid, derived from Eucalyptus Oil. Due to its green and spicy aroma/taste, eucalyptol is used widely throughout the fragrance, flavor, and cosmetic industries. Eucalyptol’s cooling properties make it a great addition to mouthwashes and various soaps/washes to add a minty cleaning sensation without the drying and harsh effects of alcohol. It is also found in many forms of medications, such as cough suppressants and asthma treatments due to that fact that it can control the hyperproduction of mucus and works as a natural anti-inflammatory. When used in fragrances, eucalyptol works best as a diffusive top-note to herbal scents, as well as a successful and powerful booster for scents similar to Lavender. Overall eucalyptol can add a unique freshness and lift to any product to which it is added.

Neroli Oil blends best with Lavender, Lemongrass, Rosemary, and Juniper Berry, as well as most mints.

Fun Fact!

Depending on the species, a Eucalyptus tree can grow between 30 to 200 feet tall.

Vigon’s Eucalyptol FCC

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