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Garlic Oil China

Item#: 500164 CAS: 8000-78-0 FEMA: 2503
Odor Strength: Very High
Odor Description: Garlic, Alliaceous
Taste Description: Garlic, Alliaceous

Garlic is easily one of the most identifiable flavors, as it finds a home in a wide variety of cultures and cuisines. This species of onion is a native to Central Asia and Northeastern Iran, but its hardy nature means it can be grown successfully in any mild climate. Unique in its flavor from its onion cousins, garlic is high in sulfur-containing containing compounds, such as allicin, that are released when the raw plant fibers are damaged. Allicin is also responsible for open the thermo-transient receptors that give raw garlic its sense of being “hot” or “burning” when chewed. Thought to be a defense mechanism to ward off bugs, this unique profile is what makes garlic so alluring to humans. Once cooked, the intensity of this profile weakens to create a more easily enjoyed aroma that so many find to be a staple in their cooking.

Garlic Oil is generally prepared through steam distillation resulting in a powerful raw based product, though distillation through the use of ether is also seen. It is most commonly used in the flavor industry, as well as for nutraceuticals, and insect repellent.

In the nutraceutical industry, garlic oil is a sought after addition to dietary supplements used to boost the immune system, thanks to its antibacterial, antioxidant, and antibiotic properties. It is also used widely in aromatherapy and natural remedies. Garlic oil has proven to be successful in helping to treat ailments such as; acne, ear infections, toothaches, dandruff, hair loss, and to keep warts and corns at bay.

Fun Fact: The phenomenon known as “garlic breath” can be cured with parsley.

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