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Vigon’s ginger Chinese oil for use in fresh, spicy, sweet, hot, woody or terpenic odor applications

Ginger Oil Chinese

Item#: 504286  CAS: 8007-08-7  FEMA: 2522

Odor: Fresh, Spicy, Sweet, Hot, Woody, Terpenic

Ginger Oil Chinese is the steam distilled derivative of the crude oil extracted from Ginger Rhizomes. It is a versatile oil that is used throughout the flavor and fragrance industry, as well as in personal care as a powerful essential oil. In perfumery, Ginger Oil is used to create oriental profiles, or to enhance and deepen floral fragrances. Ginger Oil is known to be one of the most energizing scents and brings an attractive perkiness to a blend. In flavor, Ginger Oil is emblematic of Asian cooking. Due to its unique flavor, it can be added in small or large amounts to create different effects, whether it be sweet or spicy. As an essential oil Ginger can be used to create a warming effect in massage oils and can ease swelling and fluid retention.

Ginger Oil Chinese blends well with Citrus, Orange, Sandalwood, Vanilla, and Cardamon

Fun Fact!

Ginger Oil can be used to treat colds, coughs, digestion upsets, and is a powerful expectorant.

Vigon’s Ginger Oil Chinese

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