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Ginger Oleoresin Africa

Item#: 501251  CAS: 84696-15-1  FEMA: 2521

Odor Strength: Medium
Odor Description: Spicy, Ginger, Sweet, Clean
Taste Description: Ginger

Ginger is a type of flowering perennial herb that is part of the family Zingiberaceae, which also includes Tumeric and Cardamom. While ginger does grow annual stems, it is the root that has been a part of many cultures for hundreds of years. Originating in the Islands of Southeast Asia, ginger was one of the first spices exported, arriving in Europe via the spice trade. Since then, its use is traceable across the globe, for flavoring, medicinal purpose, and much more.

Ginger is known as a fragrant kitchen herb, adding a uniquely fresh and spicy zing to food recipes. It is also an ingredient in a wide variety of beverages, from tea to alcohol. As today’s generation strive to be healthier, the use of anti-inflammatory spices, such as ginger, has seen a real increase, with ginger-infused candies, tinctures, and straight supplements.

When used in therapeutic methods, ginger oil is quite handy. When used internally, ginger oil calms symptoms of nausea and gas. Ginger oil is also a beneficial anti-inflammatory that can ease pain and support healthy joints, especially in those who suffer from symptoms of arthritis. In a diffuser, ginger oil is grounding and can help as an emotional boost when one is lagging. Essential oils like ylang ylang and myrrh are known to share chemical components with ginger, making them excellent choices when mixing.

Fun Fact: An individual can cultivate ginger from almost any root bought at the grocery store.

Vigon’s Oleoresin Africa

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