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Lemon Oil 100% Pure

Item#: 510187  CAS: 8008-56-8   FEMA: 2625

Odor Strength: Medium
Odor Description: citrus, lemon peel, sweet, terpenic, clean
Taste Description: citrus, lemon

Bright and fresh, lemon oil brightens perfumes, personal care fragrances, confectioneries and beverages alike.  Lemon oil, in accord with Calone, is an unmistakable note in fragrances such as Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue and Giorgio Armani’s Acqua di Gioia, and a keystone ingredient in Cola soft drinks.

Lemons grow best in sunny, warm climates.  Citrus Limomum is widely grown for commercial use in Argentina, USA (Florida, California), in the Mediterranean basin (incl. Spain and in South Africa.  Lemons are carefully harvested by hand, and then sorted for the produce market, or further processes for the needs of the juice industry and  and flavor & fragrance industries.  The fruit is ready for harvest in the winter, but may bear fruit sporadically throughout the year.

The extraction process by which Vigon’s Lemon Oil 100% Pure is created, is called “expression”.  Expression, also known as cold pressing, involves using mechanical pressure to squeeze the natural oils out of the peels of ripe lemons.  Cold pressing is a common extraction technique for citrus oils, as citrus essential oils are mostly contained in the fruits’ skin. The cold pressing typically occurs when the fruit is mechanically peeled, for the purpose of squeezing juice from the pulp, and expressing oil from the skin.  Alternately, the oil can also be expressed by spinning the whole fruit over a bed of small blades to break open the skin cells and  release the oil.  The resulting essential oil pressed from skins, is therefore a by-product of the juice industry.  The oil contains a majority of Limonene, then smaller amount of many terpenes such as of  Beta Pinene, Cis Beta Ocimene, Y-Terpinene, and aldehydes such as citral and citronella and esters.

Lemon is favored by perfumers for its versatility in a variety of fragrances, typically as a fresh top note in both men’s & women’s formulations.  Perfumers often support lemon oil  with aliphatic aldehydes to enhance its brightness.  When formulated with lavender, neroli, and other citrus, lemon yields a whimsical, earthy scent.  In accords with fruits like green apple and florals, lemon finishes off a formulation with an  undeniably crisp and fresh signature.

In the flavor industry, lemon is arguably one of the  most widely used fruits.  On its own, with its mostly-terpenic profile, in the likes of candy and lemon baked goods, it packs a tart punch and sweetness.  However, Lemon oil is mainly used in the beverage industry, with a prominent role in popular colas and citrus-flavored soft drinks. Behind the scenes, lemon can enhance other sweet flavors or balance richness in savory flavors.

When used in aromatherapy, lemon has been shown to improve mood and relieve stress and support the immune system.  Antibacterial and antimicrobial, lemon oil can be used as an household spray cleaner.

Fun Fact: A single lemon contains approximately 3 tablespoons of juice

Vigon’s Lemon Oil 100% Pure

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