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Lemongrass Oil East Indian FCC

Item#: 500198  CAS: 8007-02-1  FEMA: 2624
Odor Strength: Medium
Odor Description: Fresh, Sweet, Lemon, Grassy, Green, Tomato Leaf
Taste Description: Green, Citrus, Lemon, Floral, Spice, Chamomile-Like

Cymbopogon, known more commonly by the name lemongrass, is a tropical island plant in the grass family with fragrant leaves and stalks used for a variety of purposes. The grass grows in dense clumps with sharp, blade-like leaves that droop down towards the tips, creating an attractive fountain shape. With a couple of different varieties, lemongrass is found all across Asia, African, and Australia. While East Indian lemongrass and West Indian lemongrass can be used interchangeably, the latter tends to be more suitable for cooking.

The main components of lemongrass being, citral and limonene, lead to the citrusy and fresh aroma that is so recognizable in Thai, Indian, and Chinese cuisine. In conjunction with flavoring, its not uncommon to find lemongrass in aromatherapy and beauty formulations.

Lemongrass, whether used topically, inhaled, or ingested, is said to transmit messages directly to the brain’s limbic system (the region that influences the nervous system). It can help treat anxiety, headaches, and inflammation, as the eugenol in lemongrass is known to affect the neurotransmitter serotonin, and the limonene works to reduce inflammation throughout the body. When explicitly used in a topical formulation, lemongrass works as an analgesic, antifungal, and antiviral, as it prevents the growth and multiplication of microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi. These attributes make it successful and treating ailments such as acne, athlete’s foot, as well as other types of fungal infections.

Lemongrass is also known for its bug-repelling properties, sometimes being referred to as “mosquito grass.” Being high in the compound Citronella, just the presence of the grass can help repel unwanted pests. Adding the oil to a candle or using it in an oil burner in the summer can spread its strong fragrance over long distances, controlling infestations in open spaces like backyards and patios.

Fun Fact: Lemongrass is a popular remedy for nausea, and used extensively in “detox” teas.

While there is not much risk for irritation when used neat, as with any essential oil, it is not advisable to use lemongrass undiluted. Please be sure to select a safe carrier and dilute the oil appropriately to avoid any possible irritation.

Lemongrass Oil East Indian FCC

Lemongrass Oil India 100% Pure


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