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Lime Oil Expressed

ITEM #: 507447         CAS: 8008-26-2       FEMA: 2631

Odor Strength: Medium
Odor Description: Citrus, zesty, fresh, green, lime,
Taste Description: Citrus, zesty, fresh, green, lime,

Lime: tart, citrusy, pleasantly bitter and slightly sweet.  The fruit can be found in everything from margaritas, confectionaries, savory cuisine, and even designer perfumes.  Formulations such as Balmain Monsieur Balmain, Tom Ford Azure Lime, and Guerlain Homme L’Eau Boisee.

Out of the many species of lime, the sour limes are the most commonly used in the flavor and fragrance industry.  This variety is sometimes referred to as Mexican Lime or West Indian Lime, and is thought to be native to areas around the East Indies.  It is commonly commercially grown in hot, tropical climates such as Mexico, Iran, East Africa, India, and Southern Europe.  Limes require about 3-4 months to reach peak flavor.  They are typically harvested by hand, during the summer.

Lime Oil Expressed, like most citrus oils, is extracted through cold pressing.  Cold pressing, also known as expression, involves using mechanical pressure to squeeze the natural oils out of ripe peels.  Cold pressing is a common extraction technique for citrus oils, because citrus essential oils are mostly contained in the fruits’ skin. The cold pressing typically occurs when the fruit is mechanically peeled, for the purpose of squeezing juice from the pulp, and expressing oil from the skin.  Alternately, the oil can also be expressed by spinning the whole fruit over a bed of small blades to break open the skin cells and release the oil.  The resulting essential oil pressed from skins, is therefore a by-product of the juice industry. Lime oil is rich in limonene and pinene.

Perfumers use lime oil to formulate bright and refreshing fragrances.  The fruit extract is often paired with florals like jasmine and ylang ylang, and other citrus such as lemon and bergamot.  It also pairs well with aromatics like ginger, eucalyptus, coriander, herbs, and lavender for more earthy scents.

Flavorists use lime in a plethora of ways.  It can be used to formulate not only lime flavors, but to enhance other fruit flavors.  It is also used in spice blends, marinades, sauces, adult beverages, and confectionaries.

Lime is known to have various aroma therapy benefits.  It can improve focus when diffused throughout living spaces, and even improve immune system function.

Vigon’s Lime Oil Expressed

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