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Lime Oil Mexican 5x

Item#: 505035  CAS: Mixture
Odor Strength: Medium
Odor Description: Lime, Citrus, Floral, Aldehydic, Terpenic, Tart, Woody
Taste Description: Lime, Lemon, Sweet, Floral, Woody, Terpenic

Lime Oil Mexican is the distilled by-product of the Key Lime variety. The key lime boasts a unique flavor when compared to the traditional lime variety. Named from the association with the Florida Keys, this small round lime is harvested while green but will eventually turn yellow with time. It has a thinner rind, more potent aroma, and higher acidity than its Persian cousin.

Lime oil is utilized throughout almost all industries. It can be found in flavoring formulations, fragrance formulations, as well as in aromatherapy and pest control. Lime oil will add a bright and sweet note that creates a citrusy characteristic that is lacking the slightly unpleasant sharp and bitter aroma that traditional limes or lemons can add.

When used in aromatherapy applications, lime oil is known as the “internal cleanser” for its purifying properties. When ingested, lime oil can help to boost your immune system. Lime oil can be a helpful addition to skin and hair care products as well. By adding a few drops to either product to promote cleansing properties and create detoxifying qualities. Due to lime oil’s bright and clear aroma, when used in a diffuser, it can boost emotional wellness and create a clean and uplifting atmosphere. It is unique in that it is suggested to be used in multiple rooms of the house, including the bedroom, living space, and kitchen because its purifying qualities can clean the air in all areas.

Fun Fact: Key Limes are most known for their use in Key Lime Pies. Key Lime Pie in the state pie of Florida and September 26th is National Key Lime Pie Day!

Vigon Lime Oil Mexican 5x

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