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Vigon’s melonal natural products for odor applications involving fresh, ozone, melon, oily or floral fragrances

Melonal Natural

Item#: 507242  CAS: 106-72-9  FEMA: 2389

Odor: Fresh, Ozone, Melon, Oily, Floral

Melonal Natural has a powerful fruity, green melon odor with a slight citrus undertones. It can be used to add a fresh melon note to fragrances, that can be particularly nice in laundry detergent. Melonal also possess ozonic/natural marine aroma as well, which is uncommon in natural fragrances. The combination of the melon and the ozonic aroma allows for Melonal to fit perfectly into a wide variety of fragrances.

Fun Fact!

Melonal Natural has a very juicy watermelon, slightly cucumber-like flavor, which makes it a must have for fruity type flavors!

Vigon’s Melonal Natural 

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