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Methyl 2- Methyl Butyrate

Item#: 501375  CAS: 868-57-5  FEMA: 2719
Odor Strength: Medium
Odor: Apple, Ethereal, Fruity, Ripe

Methyl 2-Methyl Butyrate is the methyl ester of butyric acid. Similarly to most esters, it has a distinctly fruity odor. It is generally produced through the distillation of essential oils from a variety of different plants, especially pineapples, leading to its particular apple/pineapple odor. It is typically used as a fresh and green component for fruity bases, where it adds a natural and pleasant addition to the top notes of essential oils. Methyl 2-Methyl Butyrate is also used in a variety of fruity flavor compounds, as well, especially in strawberry, Tutti Fuitti, and banana flavors.

Fun Fact!

Although an ill match due to short-chain length, Methyl Butyrate has been used in combustion studies as a surrogate fuel for the large fatty acid methyl esters in biodiesel.

Methyl 2-Methyl Butyrate 

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