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Methyl Cinnamate

Item#: 500240  CAS: 103-26-4
Odor Strength: Medium

Methyl Cinnamate is a white crystalline powder with a strong, aromatic fruity odor. Methyl Cinnamate can be found naturally occurring in fruits, such as strawberry, or in culinary spices. The powder’s powerful scent is fruity-balsamic, although when diluted it carries a gentler strawberry-like fragrance. Its flavor is sweet and fruity, maintaining the strawberry-like sensation.

Methyl Cinnamate is used widely in the composition of perfumes, as well as, flavors. It is also great in soaps and shampoos due to its potency. Methyl Cinnamate is available both in synthetic and natural form.

Fun Fact!
Eucalyptus Olida contains the highest known concentration of Methyl Cinnamate, giving it the name Strawberry Gum.

Methyl Cinnamate

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