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Neroli Oil

Item#: 504212  CAS: 8016-38-4   FEMA: 2771

Odor Strength: Medium
Odor Description: Green, fresh, jasmine, orange blossom, petit grain
Taste Description: Fresh, floral, citrus, waxy, herbal

Neroli is one of the most precious ingredients used in fragrance, yet it is known by very few. This essential oil is actually distilled from the flowers of the bitter orange tree, Citrus aurantium.  Neroli is the staple note in eaux de Cologne, and used in top shelf fragrances such as Neroli Eau de Parfum by L’Occitane, Harvest 2010 Organza Neroli by Givenchy, and Rebul Neroli by Atelier.  Neroli is also formulated in the production of many natural fruit flavors.

Bitter orange trees s are commercially grown in Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia.  After initial planting, farmers must wait at least five years until the first harvest of blooming flowers can be picked.  It takes an additional five years for the tree to reach full growth potential.  Typically, neroli flowers are harvested by hand between April and early May.  The oil is incredibly costly because it takes one thousand kilograms of hand-picked flowers to produce just a kilogram of neroli essential oil.  Other fragrance ingredients, such as orange flower absolute, orange blossom water, and petitgrain oil are also derived from Citrus aurantium trees.

Neroli oil is produced using steam distillation.  The delicate flowers are placed in a pressurized steam chamber, which releases the precious aroma chemicals trapped in the neroli blossom.  The aroma compounds evaporate with the steam.  Then, the steam carrying fragrant voltatile molecules are condensed back into water as they travels through the cooling chamber.  The less dense essential oil floats to the top of the decanting chamber, allowing the neroli oil to be skimmed off of the water.  Neroli oil is high in valuable organic compounds such as linalool, limonene, linalyl acetate, and alpha terpinol.

Pure neroli oil is widely used as a top note in many fine fragrance formulations for its green and fresh scent, citrusy with a slight hint of tea-like character.  Perfumers routinely create neroli accords with citrus extracts, herbs like rosemary and thyme, and florals like jasmine to create delightfully fresh formulations.

Neroli is also used in flavor applications.  Neroli has an interesting and unique flavor- green and fruity, slightly floral and lavender like.  The extract is extremely potent, and only a small amount is needed to transform flavors.  It is often used in fruit flavors like grape, cherry, mango, peach, raspberry, and many more.  It makes flavors taste fresh and naturally fruity.  Some have even suspected that neroli extract may be one of Cola’s famous secret ingredients!

Neroli essential oil possesses a variety of aromatherapy virtues.  The oil can calm feelings of stress and anxiety, and uplift overall mood.  Research has also shown that neroli oil can soothe skin and reduce blemishes.

Vigon’s Neroli Oil

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