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Vigon’s neroli oil for use in floral, orange blossom, citrus, petitgrain, mandarin or herbal odor applications

Neroli Oil

Item#: 504212  CAS: 8016-38-4  FEMA: 2771

Odor: Floral, Orange Blossom, Citrus, Petitgrain, Mandarin, Herbal

Neroli Oil can be described as one of the most widely used and recognized botanical oils in the fragrance industry. It is said to be named after the Princess of Nerola, who introduced the scent in Italy during the late 17-century. Similarly to Orange Blossom Oil, Neroli is a byproduct of the flowers found on the bitter orange tree, though their fragrant notes are entirely different. Orange Blossom Oil is obtained through solvent extraction creating an absolute, while Neroli Oil collected through the steam-distillation process of freshly picked flowers resulting in a bitter-sweet and aromatic essential oil. This oil can then be used as either a top note or a base note in a wide array of fragrances. In aromatherapy, Neroli Oil is used as a relaxant due to its mild sedative-like qualities. It is known to help treat depression and calm dry and inflamed skins, as well as promote normal sleeping patterns.

Neroli Oil blends best with Bergamot, Geranium, Jasmine, Lavender, and most other citrus oils.

Fun Fact!

The original eau de Cologne create by Giovanni Maria Farina in 1709 contained Neroli Oil, since it smelled like “an Italian spring morning.”

Vigon’s Neroli Oil 

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