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Nookatone Natural 60-70%

Item#: 508001  CAS: 4674-50-4  FEMA: 3166

Odor: Woody, Citrus, Grapefruit, Orange

Nookatone Natural is used extensively in the flavor industry due to its bitter citrus flavor. It can best be described as having a flavor very similar to grapefruit when used at low levels. Nookatone generally adds the bitterness notes associated with grapefruit or other citrus flavored products. It is successfully used mainly in the beverage industry to enhance grapefruit flavors, and can either be found in crystallized or liquid form.

Fun Fact!

Nookatone is a naturally occurring compound, and is thought to be the main compound that gives grapefruits their distinctive taste and smell. It can also be found in Alaska Yellow Cedar Trees and Vetiver Grass.

Vigon’s Nookatone Natural 60-70%

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