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Oakmoss Givico 214/3

Item#: 510201  CAS: Mixture
Odor Strength: Medium
Odor Description: Green, Mossy, Earthy, Herbal, Marine, Woody, Hay, Tobacco

Oakmoss is the species of lichen known as Evernia Prunastri, it is greenish-white to dark green in color and resembles deer antlers in its growth pattern. Oakmoss is native to the mountainous temperate forests throughout the Northern Hemisphere, including but not limited to across Spain, France, and North America. Generally, one will find oakmoss growing on the trunk and branches of oak trees, but it will also grow happily in the bark of any conifer type tree. Oakmoss is generally harvested for commercial use in countries of South-Central Europe where the fragrant compounds are extracted to create absolutes and extracts. These raw materials are then added to perfume formulations for their fixative nature. However, it has been discovered that natural oakmoss contains a high possibility of skin irritation due to the allergen content. Reconstructions such as Gividuan’s Oakmoss Givico line has created an alternative that is safer to use and will boast the same type of performance as the botanical would, without the restrictions.

In perfumery, oakmoss possesses unique fixative properties which can anchor more volatile fragrance notes, while adding a smooth and rich undertone and improving the overall longevity of a formula. It is a preferred ingredient for oriental type perfumes, adding a deep sensual note. However, it can be argued that the material works well within any profile, as it’s grounded tones can warm up any scent.

In the past, oakmoss was known for its healing properties, as people believed that if a plant resembled a part of the human body, it would have healing powers over that part. Coincidently, this lung shaped plant has proven to have lung healing properties, containing naturally occurring antibiotics that fight the tuberculosis bacteria. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties as well.

Fun Fact: For those who believe in magical practices, oakmoss can bring luck, money, protection, and strength to one’s life.

Vigon Oakmoss Givico 214-3

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