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Ocimene Natural

Item#: 508251 CAS: 13877-91-3
Odor Strength: Medium
Odor: Sweet, Herbaceous, Citrus, Green, Woody

Ocimene is an isomeric hydrocarbon that can be extracted from a wide variety of fruits and other plants. The botanicals that it occurs in are incredibly diverse, these include; mint, orchids, kumquats, and cannabis to name a few. This range allows for a unique and complex appealing aroma that makes it a popular addition, featuring prominently, in many perfumes. Ocimene also boasts many different medicinal qualities, including working as an anti-fungal, an anti-viral, an anti-bacterial, and a decongestant. These qualities make it a popular re-addition during the creation of medical cannabis products.

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Fun Fact!
Ocimene’s scent produces an energetic effect, which is often a key contributor to its success when used in medical cannabis. The fact that it is a decongestant and works as a bronchodilator means that it can counter-act the coughing fits that can be associated with the inhalation of cannabis products.

Vigon’s Ocimene Natural

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