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Olibanum Oil

Item#: 503369  CAS: 8016-36-2
Odor Strength: Medium
Odor: clean, woody, incense 

Olibanum is also known as Frankincense or Incense

Olibanum Carterri originates specifically from the Horn of Africa, mainly in Somalia and Somaliland. Olibanum is  dried sap, that is collected from trees growing in the arid wilderness of Somalia. Collection is performed according to ancestral traditions and methods by local tribes. Harvesters wander the wilderness to ancestral growing areas, make small incisions in the trees, and allow the  bleeding sap to dry. Dried sap is known as Olibanum “tears”. Tears are then collected amongst tribes and villages, and eventually sorted and consolidated prior exported. Distillation has traditionally been performed in Grasse France, although some productions have now been relocated to other countries.

The essential oil of Olibanum  Carterri holds a sweet, fresh, clean, incense, resinous, balsamic, woody scent. It has been used for millennia as a precious scent, and grew in popularity in modern perfumery.  It is extremely rich in terpenes (80%+) notably a-Pinene Limonene and a-Thujene and and other monoterpenes.

Its components have been proven to support the immune system. Olibanum can also benefit the respiratory system. The recent boom in aromatherapy further fueled demand for this oil. Olibanum oil holds many positive health virtues: aromatherapists report Olibanum Carterri has rejuvenates skin care,  acts as an anti-inflammatory  for joint care and can even act as a painkiller with bruises.

Olibanum Serrata is another species of Olibanum . It is much cheaper and is found in India. The odor of its oil is sweeter, greener, sometimes basil-like. It is also extremely rich in terpenes, but markedly high in a-Thujene. Some claim it can help in treating certain cancers. 

Fun Fact!
Olibanum resin is used as a stabilizing agent and thickener in some food products such as gum and gelatin. 


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