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Patchouli Oil Dark

Item#: 507424   CAS: 8014-09-3   FEMA: 2838

Odor Strength: Medium
Odor Description: Sweet, musky, spicy, earthy, soil

Patchouli oil is one of the most common ingredients in perfumery, and is one of the most sought after extracts in the world of fragrance.  Patchouli is a beautifully musky base note, that is also a very effective fixative.  It is used in favorite designer fragrances such as the sultry Mugler Angel, Maison Margiela REPLICA Music Festival, and Prada Amber pour Homme.

Patchouli oil is a steam distillation of an herbal plant, Pogostemon cablin; a species with origin in Southeast Asia.  Now, it is grown for oil production across Indonesia, Malaysia, China, and the Philippines.  The leaves of the heard are carefully picked by hand, dried, then allowed to ferment in preparation for steam distillation.  Fermentation actually helps to maximize the yield of essential oils from each steam distillation of the patchouli leaves.  It should also be noted that the only difference between light and dark patchouli oil is the container in which they are distilled.  Dark patchouli oil is distilled in iron vats, which impart a dark hue to the oil.  Light patchouli oil is distilled in stainless steel vats.  This discrepancy has no effect on the overall quality of the oils.

Patchouli oil has a sweet, musky aroma with a slightly spicy note.  It is most popularly used as a base note, or as a fixative.  Fixatives are used to prolong the lasting power of other ingredients in perfumery.  Patchouli blends well with a variety of ingredients and is actually quite versatile.  With lavender, bergamot, sage, and citrus it creates herbaceous garden blends.   With vanilla, amber, and spices, patchouli transforms into sensual sweetness.  It is also used as a base for delicate florals like jasmine and rose.

Patchouli is thought to have a variety of medicinal and aromatherapeutic uses.  It can be used to relieve headaches and muscle pains.  Due to its antibacterial properties, some use patchouli to clear up inflammation and infection.  Many people diffuse patchouli to reduce the effects of depression and anxiety as well.

Vigon’s Patchouli Oil Dark 

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