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Pepper Oil Black

Item#: 500311  CAS: 8006-82-4   FEMA: 2845

Odor Strength: Medium
Odor Description: Warm, spicy, terpenic, herbal peppery woody
Taste Description: Spicy, woody, warm, herbaceous

In high class restaurants and home kitchens alike, nearly every countertop houses black pepper.  The spice is a staple in almost all cuisines and even the simplest of dishes.  Despite this, very few know the value of black pepper in fragrance applications.  Pepper oil black awakens the senses and adds sharp zing in fine fragrances such as Belle d’Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, Couture by Moschino, and of course the namesake Black Pepper from Comme des Garcons.

Piper Nigrum is native to South India, but grows well in any humid, hot climate.  Today, Vietnam is the biggest exporter of black pepper for commercial growth; but other countries like Malaysia and China also contribute to the black pepper market. The plant is a vine, with branches holding clusters of tiny peppers. To produce black pepper, the tiny, round fruits are harvested when plump and green, then boiled and dried. This process reveals the signature shriveled, black peppercorns.

Pepper oil black is extracted using steam distillation.  Pressurized steam releases aroma compounds trapped in the peppercorns and allows them to evaporate with the steam.  The steam then passes through a cooling chamber; which condenses it to water.  Since essential oil is less dense than water, the extract floats to the top of the chamber and can then be lightly skimmed off.  The resulting product is pepper oil black, a volatile oil.  Often times black pepper oil is further processed with solvents through a process that creates oleoresin.  Oleoresins capture the entire flavor and fragrance profile of an ingredient in an ultra concentrated form of essential oils and resins.

Pepper oil black smells bright, woody, and delivers tingly spice. It pairs seamlessly with citrus scents and earthy notes like cypress and vetiver. Black pepper also pairs with herbals and aromatics such as ginger, coriander, lavender, clove, and cardamom.

In flavor applications, pepper oil black can be used anywhere one would use freshly ground peppercorns- meaning it can be used in nearly everything!  Black pepper is the most widely used spice on the planet, and its oil counterpart is useful in delivering the spice’s pungent zing in a concentrated form.  For commercial use, pepper oil black is more cost effective and shelf stable than fresh ground pepper.

In aromatherapy, pepper oil black is known for its unique warming quality. When applied topically, the oil makes the tissues it touches feel physically hot due to increased circulation. This property has led pepper oil black to be used in massage oils and hand warmers. The extract also has some pain relieving properties, and can be used to calm sore muscles. The benefits pepper oil black yields are due to the natural chemicals it contains, such as piperidine and various antioxidants.

Fun Fact: Peppercorns were once used as currency by the Greeks and Romans

Vigon’s Pepper Oil Black

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