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Peppermint Oil USA 100% Pure

Item#: 508263 CAS: 84082-70-2  FEMA: 2847

Odor Strength: Medium
Odor Description: Peppermint, minty, herbal
Taste Description: Herbal, minty

Bright, fresh, and aromatic, peppermint is an ingredient as unique as it is versatile.  The essential oil of this aromatic herb can be used in nearly anything- from culinary masterpieces to fragrance blends to skincare products.  Peppermint oil packs a punch in popular perfumes such as Ralph Lauren Polo Sport, Versace Eros, and Armani Acqua Di Gioia.

Though the herb appears delicate, it is quite substantial perennial- some varieties can grow year round, and many can adapt to a variety of climates.  Wild mint thrives all across North America, and peppermint can be found across the planet. However, peppermint is grown commercially in the largest scales in India and USA. The Pacific Northwest  (Washington, California, and Oregon) produces the core of the US crop, with minor production in the Midwest.

Vigon’s Peppermint Oil USA 100% Pure is extracted using steam distillation.  Pressurized steam releases the aroma compounds trapped in cells on the underside of mint leaves and allows them to evaporate with the steam.  This is a very particular process- the steam must be hot enough to extract the valuable aromatic compounds, but cold enough that it does not damage them.  The steam then passes through a cooling chamber; which condenses the steam to water.  Since essential oil is less dense than water, the fragrant extract floats to the top of the chamber and can then be lightly skimmed off. Often, producers distill the oil twice to improve odor quality.

The odor of the essential oil from US Peppermint is somewhat different from its Indian counterpart. While Indian material smells bright and green with a cooling menthol punch, the American oil has a more herbal and sophisticated character, due to its lower and less overwhelming menthol content.  Perfumers use peppermint oil in fresh, herbal scents.  It is often paired with citrus and other aromatics such as lavender, ginger, and eucalyptus.

Flavorists use Peppermint oil extensively in confectionery and oral care formulations, often blending US peppermint with Indian peppermint, spearmint, cornmint and mint isolate(menthol, menthone, etc…) and other flavor ingredients.

Peppermint Oil is known to be a superstar among aromatherapeutic oils.  The oil is known to have stress relieving benefits, open the respiratory tract, and the ability to soothe nausea & indigestion.  The cooling sensation of peppermint oil can invigorate the senses and improve focus and increase circulation.

Fun Fact: In ancient Greece, it was believed that peppermint could cure hiccups

Vigon’s Peppermint Oil USA 100% Pure

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