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Petitgrain Oil Terpeneless

Item#: 504054  CAS: 68915-85-5
Odor Strength: Medium
Odor: Clary Sage, Floral, Citrus, Sweet, Woody, Bergamot

Petitgrain is an essential oil derived from the leaves and green twigs of a citrus plant. The oil is steam distilled and boasts a green and woody orange/citrusy smell that is used commonly in the fragrance industry. The main regions of production include France and Paraguay, with Paraguay’s product being of higher odor tenacity. The three most common versions of petitgrain oil include; petitgrain bigarade – from the bitter orange tree, petitgrain mandarin – from mandarin orange, and petitgrain citronnier – from lemon.

Fun Fact:

Petitgrain bigarade comes from the same botanical species as neroli; however, they’re pulled from different parts of the plant.


Petitgrain Oil Terpeneless


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