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Rosemary Oil

Item#: 504166  CAS: 8000-25-7  FEMA: 2992

Odor Strength: Medium
Odor Description: Herbal, Camphoreous, Woody, Aromatic, Minty, Balsamic, Medicinal
Taste Description: Herbal, Camphoureous, Minty, Balsamic, Aromatic

Rosemary, also known as Salvia Rosmarinus, is a woody perennial herb with fragrant, evergreen leaves. Native to the Mediterranean region, it is a member of the mint family. As a relatively hardy herb, it is now grown in several cool climate areas and can withstand extended periods with little to no water. Due to this trait, it is a favored addition to gardens as an ornamental plant. Upon cultivation, the leaves are harvested and extracted.

In flavoring, rosemary is often a pairing for pork, chicken, or turkey. The fresh or dried leaves are a staple in Mediterranean cooking, as it adds a pleasantly bitter and characteristic aroma that complements many recipes. In the beverage industry, rosemary has found a new home in cocktail creations, as it blends well with the other favorite botanicals used. The most intriguing of this trend, being collecting the smoke from the torched stems in a glass before adding the cocktail to create a unique experience.

Rosemary’s pleasant characteristic aroma is also an addition to many perfume formulations, soaps, shampoos, and home cleaning products. Similarly to its minty cousins, rosemary provides the fresh, herbal, and minty aroma generally associated with being clean. It blends best with citrus’ like orange and lemon, as well as with florals such as lavender or jasmine.

In aromatherapy, rosemary promotes both energizing and settling emotions. When used topically, it will help ease tension and stress. Rosemary also promotes healthy full-looking hair through scalp support, adding the oil to shampoo or using it as a massage oil can help stimulate healthy hair growth and keep it smelling nice longer. Internally, rosemary supports healthy digestion, and it can occasionally help to alleviate internal symptoms of severe stress and fatigue.

Fun Fact: Rosemary was first mentioned on cuniform stone tablets as early as 5000 BC.

Vigon’s Rosemary Oil 

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