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Rosemary Oil Morocco 100% Pure

Item#: 508261  CAS: 8000-25-7   FEMA: 2992

Odor Strength: Medium
Odor Description: Woody, camphoreous, herbal, balsamic, aromatic, minty, phenolic, medicinal
Taste Description: Woody, camphoreous, herbal, balsamic, aromatic, minty, phenolic, medicinal

Rosemary is revered for its ability to add herbaceous warmth to culinary dishes, but it also finds a spot in the fine fragrance industry. The herb is found in designer scents such as Yves Rocher Transent, Chanel Egoiste, and Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Toit.

The botanical is easily grown across the globe: in Spain, France, Corsica, Yugoslavia, and in the case of Vigon’s Rosemary 100% Pure; Morocco.  Rosemary is surprisingly hearty and can tolerate a variety of altitudes, drought, and cold temperatures.  When grown for essential oil, rosemary is ready to harvest approximately 9 months after transplant of seedlings, and each plant can be harvested for about 4-7 years.  Each sprig is harvested with specialized cutting tools by hand, and care is required to avoid cutting the root.

Rosemary essential oil is distilled by steam.  The stems, leaves, and flowers are exposed to pressurized steam which releases the aroma compounds they possess, as they evaporate with the steam.  The steam flows through a cooling chamber, which condenses it to water.  The rosemary oil floats to the top of the water and is delicately skimmed off.  The resulting pale yellow, ultra-pure extract is rich in cineole, camphor, limonene, pinene, camphor, and other precious aroma compounds.

In the perfume industry, rosemary is used to bring herbaceous freshness to scents.  Rosemary oil has uniquely multidimensional notes.  First, rosemary’s aroma smells crisp and minty, then warm and balsamic, and finally dissipates to a pleasantly bitter scent.  Perfumers pair it with wood scents, mint, eucalyptus, and citrus to yield earthy, garden-fresh scents.

In flavoring, rosemary essential oil can replace fresh or dried rosemary in many products.  Rosemary oil is more cost effective and shelf stable than its herb counterpart.  It supports savory meat flavors, and enhances earthy-vegetative flavors.  The extract can also be found in a variety of salad dressings, sauces, and snack products.

Rosemary has an array of aromatherapy virtues.  The extract supports healthy hair; improving shine and scalp health.  Rosemary has a warming quality when in contact with the skin, making it an ideal oil for massage.  When rosemary oil is diffused, it can aid in clearing the respiratory system and sinus tract.

Vigon’s Rosemary Oil Morocco 100% Pure

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